If you would enjoy public relations work and helping small businesses in your community grow while building and maintaining long-lasting relationships…NEXT DOOR PROMOTIONS may be the perfect fit!

You’ve heard of Google, right? THINK ABOUT THIS…They are a very well-known search engine, but what business are they really in? The answer is ADVERTISING and their company’s value is over $100 billion.

Business is about Location, Location and Location. Businesses invest a great deal of time and money to select their location.

They pay top $ specifically for the traffic driving and walking by. The easiest new customer to attract is the one nearby. Our one of a kind service does that most effectively. We offer the most effective means of advertising at a very low price (usually between $50 and $100). Who wouldn’t buy our service?

** Please Note ** There is A LOT of information on this website, however to improve your probability of success, you must take the time to evaluate.

Entrepreneurs have begun and failed at new businesses since capitalism was invented. However, most entrepreneurs who fail do not make mistakes during the start-up phase, but actually fail to fully analyze and evaluate business ideas and opportunities in the first place.